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About Us

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Naked Lady Society was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 2018. 

Three friends had a desire for making valuable community connections and raising awareness for local and global issues surrounding women and the environment. They also had style, panache, and a deep love for fashion. Clothing swaps felt like the perfect way to combine this energy. 

As the swaps have grown, NLS continues to draw in a diverse mix of individuals. Folks of all styles, shapes, sizes and ages are welcome. NLS also actively partners with local nonprofits to ensure all unswapped clothing is either donated or recycled and never hits the landfill.  


The name Naked Lady Society was chosen to promote the values of being open, vulnerable, and real. And through ongoing clothing swaps and meet-ups, they hope to accomplish just that.

Meet The Team

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Betsy Padilla

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idea guru, back-end magic maker, obsessed with making connections

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Sheilagh Carlisle

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insatiable extrovert, sustainability enthusiast, forward thinker

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Lizzy Hronek

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New York Ambassador, fashion expert, trigger puller

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